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Birthing Centre

What's the project then?

The project comprised of the conversion of a disused rural hospital building into a new birthing centre. Sat on the edge of a national park, it was devised to offer mums-to-be a chance to give birth in relaxed atmosphere.

How much then?

Circa £250k.

What did Studio Mode do then?

We were appointed to develop the interior design with the users and the hospital's project manager/P21 contractor. We liaised with the hospital's PM in regard of general arrangement, constraints, preferred materials and also consulted with the midwifery teams to develop the interior brief. We then proposed a colourful, yet simple and modern interior, designed to give a sense of uncluttered cleanliness and calm. We arranged the two main birthing pool rooms with different colour ways to give each of the rooms its own spatial identity and offer (where possible) patients a choice of interior.

Any tricky bits?

Not especially. The new birthing centre brought together two existing separate midwifery teams and it was therefore important to ensure the full engagement of both teams in developing the interior. But with clear communication, and a lot of listening, we were able to suggest and agree an interior design solution that was accepted by all.

Any good then?

Yes! The midwifery team praised the final interior design highly, whilst the patients using the facility have been extremely positive about the nature and feel of the environment. The unit was opened by Esther Rantzen who seemed pretty made up with the whole thing herself.

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