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Biomedical Research Unit

What's the project then?

The delivery of a 6 storey new build extension to house a Biomedical Research Unit within a major teaching hospital. The new building connected with a variety of existing buildings on 3 sides, and was located over the hospital's main loading bay. The building is home to clinical consulting rooms, an endoscopy and bronchoscopy suite, research and office spaces, mass spectrometry laboratories, teaching seminar spaces and support accommodation.

How much then?

About £8million.

What did Studio Mode do then?

We were the client's project manager. We worked closely with the P21 contractor and took the PM role in developing the detailed design of all elements of the building and structure. We were the link pin between the contractor and the end user, hospital estates teams, waste team, the loading bay team, ward staff, research staff and research scientists. We were also the PM for the 13 months on site construction period, through to handover, and phased occupation. We were asked to design the interior and also commission all the artwork for the scheme. We also PM'd the supply and delivery of furniture and fittings as well as the phased occupancy, oh… and we PM'd 12 enabling projects of varying sizes to make it all work. Basically we were immersed in it.

Any tricky bits?

Yep - lots. Keeping the loading bay fully operational throughout the build, the temporary closure of 6 bedded wards, relocating labs, re-mapping the entire hospital waste routes… we could go on. So, lots of meetings, close liaison and lots of communication. An exemplar of collaborative project management.

Any good then?

Naturally!. The clients and users like it, the hospital is happy, delivered on time and within budget. The Health Minister opened it and he seemed most pleased with the result.

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