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Children's Interactive Play Space

What's the project then?

To provide an interactive play space for children and siblings at the entrance to a busy Child Health Unit at a major teaching hospital. The scheme required the decant and relocation of the departmental booking office in order to achieve the necessary space.

How much then?

Circa £125k, with lots of contributors – The King's Fund, the hospital's League of Friends, and maintenance monies

What did Studio Mode do then?

This project was sparked to life by The King's Fund's highly regarded and successful Enhancing The Healing Environment programme. Studio Mode were appointed to work with the nurse led hospital team to agree the brief, produce a concept design (which was heavily influenced by a large consultation exercise with local children) and then make a number of presentations to The King's Fund in order to secure the necessary funding. Following the successful bid for funding, Studio Mode produced GA plans and sections/elevations, and then project managed the scheme through its detailed design which included the input of several specialist suppliers of sound and lighting equipment. An essential component of our design was to locate the child friendly sound and lighting switches at the heart of the scheme, thus allowing little fingers the chance to twiddle and experiment. Thereafter, we advised on the appointment of the contractor and then monitored the project during its on site phase. Throughout this process we liaised with the Child Health Department, hospital estates teams, infection control department and all other interested parties. The scheme took 8 weeks to build. Following handover and completion, Studio Mode were asked to give a presentation charting the story of the project at its official opening (which was opened by a well known TV Children's Presenter).

Any tricky bits?

The scheme was inherently complex given the number of coordination issues required to make the various sound and lighting systems come to fruition. In addition to this, during the installation of the new floor the Children's Wing of the hospital was effectively cut off from the main hospital, thus any patients needing access to diagnostics or theatres would need to cross the building site. Therefore, much of this work was carried out in the wee small hours, but even so this required huge coordination between ourselves, the contractor on site, the Child Health Department, and also the Emergency Department (some 6 floors apart).

Any good then?

We'd say so. The scheme has been widely praised by the hospital client and has received acclaim from visiting children's specialists. But most importantly of all, it is often filled with young children and their enjoyment is visible to see.

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