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Artwork for Hospital Corridors

What's the project then?

The commissioning and installation of original artworks to enhance a main access corridor and a family waiting area within an acute hospital.

How was it funded then?

The artwork was funded as part of the capital project.

What did Studio Mode do then?

We were appointed as the arts co-ordinator to lead the project from inception to completion. The brief was twofold. Firstly, to commission a series of artworks to enhance a busy hospital corridor which serves four cardiac wards. Secondly, to introduce colourful and eye-catching artwork into a nearby family waiting area. As the majority of the children using the waiting area would be visiting siblings on the nearby children's cardiac ward, we also wanted to create a visual link between the two areas. Therefore, we commissioned a pair of local artists who had previously been involved in creating 2D and 3D painted artworks for the children's ward and invited them to submit a proposal for creating similar style work for the waiting and corridor areas. We wanted the style of the artwork to appeal to young and old alike and set the theme of the work to be a series of seascapes. The artists' concept was to capture a harbour seaside scene with brightly coloured sailboats for the children's waiting area and a series of 6ft paintings of coastline views including seabirds, yachts and lighthouses illustrated in softer shades for the main corridor area. Once we had approved the concept sketches, we liaised with the hospital's Infection Prevention Team, Fire Officer, Health and Safety Officer and Cleaning Team to ensure that the proposed materials were suitable for the rigours of a hospital environment. We then managed the contract during the fabrication stage, viewed and approved the finished artworks and arranged the installation on site.

Any tricky bits?

Nothing to lose sleep over. We put this down to devising a clear project plan at the outset, ensuring clarity of communication between all stakeholders throughout the process and keeping a tight rein on the budget at all times.

Any good then?

Certainly. The addition of artwork has brought colour and interest to what was a long and unremarkable stretch of corridor. The family waiting area now has an eye-catching focal point which is also used as distraction aid to keep young, enquiring minds occupied…"Can you count the sailboats?!"

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