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Bone Marrow Transplant Centre

What's the project then?

The delivery of a new build extension to provide 9 state-of-the-art single bedrooms for Bone Marrow Transplant patients including its own dedicated plant. Each patient bedroom is barrier nursed, with individual gowning lobbies and dedicated ensuites. The air pressure regime is crucial, with step down pressures from space-to-space, carbon and Hepa filtration throughout. High spec stuff then.

How much then?

No change out of £5million.

What did Studio Mode do then?

Studio Mode were commissioned as the concept architect, project manager and interior designer for this intricate scheme requiring the utmost care and accuracy. We worked closely with the clinicians during a long and detailed briefing process, through to business case approval. We produced the initial sketch design and then took the role of PM and co-ordinated the design team during the production of working drawings alongside the Hospital's P21 contractor. Studio Mode took the lead role in liaising with the hospital estates team and gaining all the necessary approvals throughout, whist ensuring the concept of original concept design was maintained throughout. We then managed the project on behalf of the hospital during its 13 month duration on site, working day-to-day with the contractor, clerks or works, clinicians and the estates team through to handover and occupation. A truly partnered project throughout.

Anything else?

Yes - Studio Mode designed a thoughtful interior. The patients in this ward receive treatment for 4 to 6 weeks, often longer, without being about to leave their rooms. This notion drove both the external form (all patients have a view of the outside world - wherever possible double aspect) and also the interior design. We felt that each patient should be given their own 'place in the world' not an anonymous space, so we designed the interior to depict a street with each of the rooms appearing like houses in a terrace. Each room is arranged with its own colour-way facing the 'street', its own coloured window dressings, and its own front door (with door number !)'. Studio Mode also developed the design of the built-in bed head trunking, providing all the necessary medical gases etc, but also patient facilities, such as flat screen TV, ceiling mounted speakers (included in the ensuites), full internet facilities, and iPod docking. Thus trying to de-hospitalise the rooms, whilst keeping them clinically functional.

Any tricky bits?

Yep - we realigned the adjacent road, diverted the hospital's gas and water mains, and brought in a new mains high voltage cable. We sealed the windows of the overhead respiratory wards and provided temporary ventilation and cooling throughout the 56 week construction. Oh, and we needed to cut the entire power to the Blood Bank next door for a while….But with lots of meetings, discussion, forethought and good communication we brought it all together.

Any good then?

With patients asking to be relocated into the new rooms, and staff claiming their ability to deliver high quality care has been made significantly easier, we guess we got something right. (Oh, and on time, on budget). Cancer Tsar Prof Mike Richards opened it – and seemed pretty chuffed with what he saw.

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