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What's the project then?

The design and project management of an awareness campaign to improve hand hygiene rates at a major teaching hospital.

How was it funded then?

The scheme was funded as part of an Trust-wide initiative to raise awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene.

What did Studio Mode do then?

We met with the Infection Prevention team to understand their needs and develop the brief. From this, we designed a series of eye catching, colourful and friendly hand hygiene stations, information stations and a collection of notices and posters. Our scheme mapped the patient and visitor pathway from building entrance to bed-side. We positioned installations at the hospital's external entrances followed by hand hygiene stations at each ward entrance together with co-located changeable posters allowing staff to provide an instant response to the wards current status. Once the branding design and scope of installations was agreed we prepared an installation schedule for each individual location and also project managed the printing process, delivery to site, and installation via a local contractor.

Any tricky bits?

Making something stand out in a busy (often cluttered) hospital environment is never easy. We worked closely with the Infection Prevention team as well as liaising with several other hospital departments: health and safety, fire, comms etc, to ensure our design integrated well and was distinctive from existing printed media. But we worked through it carefully, talked to lots of people, thought hard and acted creatively to pull together a scheme that was both unique and memorable.

Any good then?

Yes. A big success. The Infection Prevention team were delighted with the final scheme, especially the attention to detail in locating the appropriate hand hygiene products throughout the hospital. An audit carried out by the Infection Prevention team showed that both awareness of the need to wash hands, and gel usage had increased considerably following the completion of this project.

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