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Hand Hygiene 2

What's the project then?

The design and delivery of a new hand hygiene branding and awareness campaign for a major teaching hospital.

How much then?

About £30k's worth.

What did Studio Mode do then?

We were asked to audit the existing hospital and propose locations for hand hygiene stations, together with any other hand hygiene information / signage. Following this we were tasked with designing a new brand for the Hand Hygiene Campaign. Our concept employed a series of 'single word' statements asking patients and visitors to think, look or gel depending on their current location. The scheme followed the patient visitor pathway from the car park through to the bedside. We presented the scheme to the Hospital's board of directors and governor's to assist in gaining its approval. Thereafter we prepared detailed drawings and location specific designs for all locations, ready for print.

Any tricky bits?

It wasn't a case of one size-fits-all. We needed to make the brand work across information signs and leaflet dispensers as well as the gel dispenser locations themselves. Some were wall mounted, some were hanging banners, others were mounted on glazing. But we understood our client, and what they were seeking to achieve...and we worked hard to understand how the hospital ticked. So to us, it wasn't tricky, but creative, enjoyable and rewarding.

Any good then?

The Hospital's success in reducing MRSA cases from 80 to 0 in a single year was the subject of a BBC news report broadcast on 28 June 2011 in which the Studio Mode design work was heavily featured: In short, it seems to have worked.

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