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Urban Landscape Design

What's the project then?

The design of two parts of the Southampton Town Walls Walkway scheme. An urban landscape project devised to reconnect the remaining original town walls of Southampton City via a series of new paths, street furniture and information boards. Many of the original town walls have been lost through expansion of the city and this important archaeologically driven scheme sought to reconnect both geography and history.

What did Studio Mode do then?

Studio Mode Director Mark was asked to design a portion of the pathway together with a set of railings and gates. Mark worked closely with the City's Archaeologist in researching the history of the area. The resulting design was conceived as a palimpsest. The new Town Walls Walkway path traversed over areas which had seen many different functions throughout history. Thus the design depicts the ancient grass rampart from Tudor times as well as the location of private gardens from the Regency Period. Mark also created an iconic railing design which depicts both the existing and demolished portions of the town walls at this historically important corner of the town. In addition, the railings reference gun loops and other historic devices found within the Town Walls.

How much then?

The best part of £23k.

Any tricky bits?

So much history! The challenge was to represent Southampton's intriguing 'past' as a defined story. A potted history.

Any good then?

Without doubt. This sensitive urban landscape design incorporates numerous historic references and has used these to create something that has a beauty in its own right.

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