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Fertility Unit

What's the project then?

The re-planning, remodelling and expansion of an existing hospital space to create a new IVF facility serving both NHS and private clients. The scheme comprised a reception, consulting rooms, egg collection & embryo transfer, patient recovery, and purpose designed IVF laboratory. The laboratory required its own dedicated plant to provide 'clean room' quality air. The scheme required HFEA licensing prior to commencement of clinical use.

How much then?

£764k plus equipment (special stuff).

What did Studio Mode do then?

We were appointed as the concept designer, project manager, interior designer and arts co-ordinator. We worked closely with the Fertility team in developing costed concept plans for business case approval, followed by the production of GA plans for client sign off. Next we took to role of PM and worked in tandem with the hospital's P21 contractor through the production information stage, chairing design team meetings and liaising with users, hospital estates teams and Infection Prevention nurses. Our clear understanding of the patient pathway and the laboratory processes was a vital driver during this process. We PM'd the site works on behalf of the hospital throughout, including completion, handover and department occupation. Along the way we designed a rich, warm, and calming interior, then sourced and arranged for the supply and installation of the artwork therein.

Any tricky bits?

Yes. The user required the lab to be volatile organic compound (VOC) free. No mean feat. The new and highly specialised air handling plant was located two floors away in an opposite corner of the building, which involved liaison with several live wards to achieve the duct work installation. Furthermore, much of the laboratory equipment demanded careful co-ordination with the building infrastructure: industrial gases, complex monitoring alarms, oxygen depletion systems etc. Close control, loads of liaison and good communication was the key. We like doing the complex ones.

Any good then?

Of course. Achieved within budget and against a tight time scale. The users are delighted. Hospital management are happy... and oh, yes, the HFEA granted the unit its license.

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