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Tea Bar

What's the project then?

The expansion and refurbishment of a League of Friends charity tea bar within a hospital ward area resulting in an increased and re-provisioned servery, a new out of hours area vending machine area and an entirely new identity.

How much then?


What did Studio Mode do then?

We were appointed as the concept architect, project manager and interior designer and worked closely with the League of Friends to gain both an in depth knowledge of their business operation and a clear understanding of their new aspiration. We drove the project throughout briefing, produced the concept design, assisted with all stage approvals, then created the GA plans. Thereafter, Studio Mode designed the themed interior. The League of Friends aspired for their tea bar to be seen as an oasis of calm amidst a busy hospital. In our design, we produced a room reminiscent of a beach hut overlooking a beautiful sea view. Once the interior was agreed, we then took the role of project manager, coordinated the detail design team during production of working drawings and took a lead role in liaising with the hospital estates team in gaining all the necessary technical approvals. We arranged the tendering procedure and advised on the selection of contractor, then managed the project day to day during its 14 week duration on site, through to handover, commissioning and occupation… and a nice cup of celebratory tea.

Any tricky bits?

As ever. Before we could start the project fully, we were asked to manage two small enabling projects that allowed us to aggregate the appropriate space. In order to realise the beach themed interior, we needed to employ a number of materials seldom used within a hospital setting. This required us to carefully research the appropriate materials and make all the necessary agreements with Estates and Facilities / and Building Control prior to their use. But an organised and clear thinking approach coupled with a good working relationship with the hospital made this achievable without hiccups.

Any good then?

Yes, of course. In its previous incarnation the tea bar was a business in decline. Since re-opening the new Oasis Tea Bar has trebled its income and the League of Friends investment was recouped in less than a year. Not bad going. More tea vicar?

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