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Neonatal Department

What's the project then?

The expansion, remodelling and refurbishment of a live Neonatal clinical unit requiring utmost care throughout its 6 phased 13 month construction period. As a result the unit is now one of the largest in the country.

How much then?

About £1.5million.

What did Studio Mode do then?

Studio Mode were commissioned as the concept architect, project manager and interior designer for this complex scheme. We worked with the clinicians to develop the brief, then designed the concept and GA plans and fathomed out the phasing methodology. We then project managed the scheme throughout detailed design, production information and selection of contractor and lead the liaison with the Hospital Estates team gaining all the necessary approvals. Next we designed the colourful interior – based on the children's board game of snakes and ladders, which served as a visual device to link the various nurseries and provide interest and distraction to parents and siblings alike. During the 13 months construction period we PM'd the scheme, though to handover and occupation.

Any tricky bits?

A 6 phased project in the middle of a live neonatal ward? – yep tricky – but all carefully worked out with utmost care taken around noise, disruption and infection control measures. Loads of communication with the users. An exemplar of close team work (It had to be).

Any good then?

We think so. The users like it and feedback from patients and visitors has been very positive. Delivered on time and within budget. It gets regular visits from other hospital's Neonatal teams – keen to look and see what is possible. It was opened by Sandra Gidley MP who seemed quite chipper about the whole thing.

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