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Artwork for new Non-invasive Cardiology Unit

What's the project then?

The co-ordination and installation of artwork to enhance a newly refurbished Non-Invasive Cardiology Unit within a large teaching hospital.

How was it funded then?

The artwork was funded as part of the capital project.

What did Studio Mode do then?

We were appointed as the arts co-ordinator to lead the project from inception to completion. The brief was to create a welcoming environment for the patients attending the unit and a pleasant work place for the staff who are based there. We began by liaising with the design team to identify suitable locations for artwork and then carried out a consultation exercise with patients and staff to select the type and style of work. Through this process, photographic images capturing views of the local natural landscape were chosen. We were very aware that the artwork needed to 'open up' the space and create an interesting focal point as the main waiting area had no natural light or external windows. This kind of environment is believed to contribute to increased levels of anxiety in some patients. Our approach was to utilise the curved section of wall close to the entrance of the unit and wrap it from floor to ceiling with a large, eye-catching print of a lush spring meadow. In the waiting area, we then installed a series of photographic landscape prints of beautiful natural vistas to help create a calming and relaxing environment.

Any tricky bits?

Selecting suitably robust materials for artwork which must withstand the rigour of a busy clinical environment is always an interesting process. On this scheme, as well as liaising with the hospital's Infection Prevention Team, Fire Officer and Health and Safety Officer, we also worked closely with the cleaning team to test out new materials. This detailed testing and selection process for colour-fastness, durability and cleanability ensured that we arrived at a material specification which met with the hospital's varied technical needs.

Any good then?

For sure. The staff are pleased with the images which they had a hand in selecting and patients comment on how much they like the artwork. We made a big impact by maximising a very small budget.

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