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Artwork for new Oncology Centre

What's the project then?

The commissioning and installation of various original artworks and sculpture to complement a new £8m Oncology Centre.

How was it funded then?

A regional cancer charity grant was secured to enhance the environment for patients undergoing oncology treatment.

What did Studio Mode do then?

We were appointed to lead the entire project from inception through to completion on site. We devised a public art strategy which was driven by close consultation with patients, visitors and staff. The resulting approach was: to incorporate colourful and eye-catching art in transient spaces to assist with orientation and wayfinding; introduce calming and absorbing works into treatment areas and scanning suites to create a more welcoming environment; to install large-scale sculpture in the external courtyard space to act as a focal point and conversation piece to encourage social interaction among patients, visitors and staff. Part of this process resulted in a collaborative project - 'In My Own Words' – a dvd of patients expressing their views on the importance of artwork in healthcare environments. Another vital component of the consultation exercise enabled patients, visitors and staff help select the type of artwork and style of work for the new centre.

We then commissioned six professional artists and carefully briefed them to produce a range of artworks which, as a collective, delivered the strategy. The resulting works include a variety of intricately stitched and hand painted silk textile pieces, calming ocean themed paintings, delicate papercuts, vibrant screen prints, colourful floral photographic artworks, digitally printed metal work and a large, stunning glass sculpture. In addition, we organised a series of artist-lead participatory projects at the hospital school and at the local hospice which resulted in the creation of artworks by patients for treatment and waiting areas.

Any tricky bits?

For the artwork installation phase on site, it was paramount that we had a good technical understanding of the parameters to which the building was designed. For example, in Radiotherapy, ledite blocks form the building structure and provide essential radiation shielding and hence cannot be compromised – even in the smallest way. Close liaison with the building design team and hospital physicist ensured that the new colourful artworks enhanced the therapeutic environment without adversely affecting the building's performance.

Any good then?

Definitely. Feedback has indicated that the new artwork has made a real difference to the working lives of staff and the experience of patients undergoing treatment. But don't just take our word for it...judge for yourself from the selected photographs of the commissioned artworks.

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