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Villa Andalucía

What's the project then?

The design of a private holiday residence for our clients who reside in Madrid during the week but required a weekend retreat. The villa provides four double bedrooms with interconnecting internal and external social spaces. It sits on a prominent site overlooking the Andalucían reservoir.

How much then?

€ - Undisclosed – Discretion is the better part of valour.

What did Studio Mode do then?

Studio Mode were commissioned to provide a concept design for this project. We worked closely with our clients in gaining a clear understanding of their needs. We agreed the brief, reviewed a number of potential sites on their behalf, and then produced a concept design followed by general arrangements, plans, elevations and sections. This information was then passed to the clients Spanish builder who developed the construction details and carried out the building work.

Anything else

Yes – We orientated and positioned this villa on its site with extreme care and precision. The site has a sharply sloping terrain. In addition to this, the beautiful view of the reservoir Andalucía was not visible from the winding track leading to the site. Therefore the villa is designed and positioned to act as a barrier to the view such that visitors emerging from their cars on arrival do not immediately see the vista. The internal planning is arranged such that the entrance lobby and its central freestanding fireplace continue to inhibit the view until the final moment when visitors walk into the central social space to the rear of the plan and meet with a full height window where finally the entire view is revealed in a sudden and a dramatic moment. Thereafter, all other social spaces are arranged such that they all enjoy the stunning view.

Any tricky bits?

A couple – We looked very closely at the topography of the site to ensure that our efforts to tease visitors (by not showing them the view immediately) would work as planned. It does, and to great effect. Also part way through the construction our clients requested the addition of a swimming pool which we located carefully part way down the slope thus cutting deeply into the bank in order to not compromise the prominence of the villa and its fabulous outlook.

Any good then?

Our clients overwhelmingly think so – as do their constant string of visitors and admiring neighbours.

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