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Zara's Café

What's the project then?

The provision of a new deli style cafè located within the busy entrance of a major maternity hospital.

How much then?

The best part of £200k.

What did Studio Mode do then?

Studio Mode were commissioned as the concept architect, project manager and interior designer for this much needed facility requiring some very careful thinking in its planning and phasing. We worked closely with the NHS catering department during a detailed briefing process, producing the concept designs and GA plans. We designed the interior including the selection of furniture, art work and branding design for the new outlet. Following sign off of the scheme, we then took the role of Project Manager co-ordinating the detailed design team during the production of construction drawings alongside the hospital's P21 contractor, taking the lead role in liaising with the hospital estates team, gaining all necessary approvals, all whilst keeping a tight grip on delivering the design. Given our detailed knowledge and experience of working within this hospital, we worked very closely with the contractor in devising and agreeing the construction phasing plan as this work took place at the entrance to a busy outpatient clinic. We managed the project on behalf of the hospital during its six month duration on site, working day to day with the contractor, clerks of works and all the associated NHS teams through to handover, occupation and celebratory Panini.

Any tricky bits?

Yes, one in particular. In order to arrive at the most suitable design, a design that allowed a continuous flow and visual connection between the entrance and new reception (via the new food outlet), it was necessary to relocate the hospital's main electrical distribution board. This required a phased programme of electrical shutdowns which needing careful co-ordination with the project. But asking the tight questions, plenty of discussion and forethought – and especially good communication with the clinicians and nursing team, we managed to make it all come together.

Any good then?

Yes. The careful planning of the space has increased the usable area and as a result the café has seen a several fold increase in its income. The bright and colourful interior serves as a popular landmark providing a welcome that looks (and smells) inviting.

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